Thursday, June 14, 2007


The self-identified libertarians, they are legion in my new home in the City of Faces. I have had some bad experiences with self-identified libertarians. Paradox - actual libertarian ideas as they pertain to specific policies, not so obnoxious a certain amount of the time. But libertarians? Uniformly problematic! Here is why:

1)First, a decent percent of the time, these are straight-up Ayn-loving teenagers* who have figured out that if they go around calling themselves objectivists, they will never ever get laid, but if they switch to libertarian, they might get laid like, twice.

2)No one is going to attach themselves to an ideology based on complete or almost-complete individual sovereignty and the possibility of success or failure in those terms unless they are pretty convinced of their own exceptionalism. People that attached to their own exceptionalism = douchebags. Similar situation. Have you ever read Genealogy of Morals with a bunch of 19-year-old boys? It is INSANE, because they are all over it and you can SEE the little wheels turning and them thinking "well, gosh, this UberGuy sounds a lot like me..."**

3)Ok, so 19-year old boys are all in a place where they are thinking they are the UberGuy. Statistically impossible! Isn't this evidence enough of a)the like, complete fallibility of individual self-perception and b)the webs/waves/whatever of whatever that connect all things? Take that, imaginary libertarians!

*I think the thing the American Universe is possibly WORST at is dealing with teenagers. More apprenticeships, STAT!

**This is not an indictment of Freddy himself, whom I like, if only bc. he writes like an awesome fiery writing machine. Also, re. 19-year-old-boys, see note above. I like 19-year-old-boys fine. I just think they are insanely vulnerable.

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Rusty B. Schwartz said...

...and then before you know it, Steve Hoffstedter has a "comedy" cd out on Razor & Tie.

This is what's wrong with america.