Wednesday, June 13, 2007


A robin and a cardinal stopped by the Antonio Gramsci Memorial Birdfeeder this morning. The cardinal is a symbol of vitality (and the state bird of Illinois!) and the robin is a harbinger of spring/beginnings/&c,&c. Nice things, I think. So I'd better have a good day or I'm going to find those birds and kill them.

Update - 11:20 PM:

Day was only middling. (Return of weird eye infection! And only ok productivity - 300 words and a couple of phone calls. However, my improvised potato and Edam frittata turned out well, and had a friend over and watched Undeclared.* Birds are on probation.)

*Am going to have to contemplate this soon.


Rusty B. Schwartz said...

Did you watch the Loudon Wainwright concert on the DVD extras?

Violet G. Beekeeper said...

No, I watched it on The Website. Just like I am watching season 6 of the Sopranos on The Website right now because there were all those articles and I felt left out.