Monday, January 28, 2008

Dick, Dick, Dick

Uhhhhhhh so. Uh, so I was following, a little, this story about these frat boys at Yale who went and stood outside the Women's Center w. the "We Love Yale Sluts" sign. I follow bc some of my best friends are Yale sluts and also bc this guy who is pissing me off now who is just someone I see in the hall sometimes at PSFP was a Yale undergrad and I secretly hope that every time I look at the photo, somehow it was taken four years ago, and omg there he is haha lawsuit SUCKER.

Buuuuut so. So this one gal was saying she was walking in the area the night of the fateful sign-holding, and she heard a group of men chanting "DICK, DICK, DICK," and she got scared and went the other way, which is probs for the best, but annnnyway. All these people are leaping to the frat's defense saying:

1)There was no chanting, the employees at Durfee's heard nothing.
2)Even if there was chanting, the bros were probably chanting the name of another frat, DKE (I assume that's Delta Kappa Epsilon), in a lighthearted boyish attempt to pin it on that same frat which I jut Wikapediaed and oh my god if you need motivation to stab your face off, that's it.

Anyway, is that not the funniest thing ever? All I can imagine is these yobs patting themselves on the back and being all, "we really got them, hahaha! DKE!"