Sunday, May 13, 2007

Flubber Day.

We never did Mother's Day in my house. My mother is deeply attention-averse, and my parents are suspicious of holidays in general. They would have been great Jehovah's Witnesses, had they decided to go in that direction. Of course, everyone gets to calling their mom, and asking me if I've called my mom yet, and when I say that I haven't because "she is deeply &c, &c..." they tell me that she's just saying that, I mean, she'd secretly love it if I gave her a call. Which, hahahaha, oh my god, you do not know my mom, but the social pressure is SO INTENSE that I begin to trust it over my knowledge of my own mother's personality and desires and so I shoot her an email saying "I love you more than anyone else loves their mother."

And she writes back "note surreptitiously accepted."

And THAT is why I love my mother more than anyone else loves their mother.

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