Wednesday, May 23, 2007


On the same channel as "Hey Models," a show called "Finally Sharks Ate My Wife."

It is to be noted that Hazzard came up with this after watching Episode 1, Season 4 of Six Feet Under, in which


Lisa's mangled body is discovered, having been partially devoured by sharks, etc. after she drowned.


I watched this episode on the best website ever which I don't even want to type out and link to because it is so amazing that I am worried it will disappear if I speak its name. But oh my god, all TV ever is on it oh my god.


Rusty B. Schwartz said...

was that lili taylor's character? i'm on the last episode of the second season. i accidentally read about the series finale once, so i'm really just wasting my time.

speaking of sharks, my old (eunymous) blog was a little shark-heavy. i just was to point out for the record that i was ahead of the curve (i.e. the dave chapelle show) on the whole samuel l. jackson-getting-bitten-in-half-by-a-shark thing.

Violet G. Beekeeper said...

but more importantly, are you watching these episodes on the best website ever? i am going to email it to you.