Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Window on a Twisted Soul

I have been busy setting goals for myself - I am a big procrastinator, and one way to avoid getting things done is to create complicated schemata detailing exactly what things I will get done. However, it might work this time, because I have broken it down into big motivating goals and their subsidiary task-goals, and because I am out here on the internet holding myself accountable.

First Category: Family!

The Big Picture: Act like an adult re. my parents. Be nice to my brother and cultivate that relationship. Help fairly around house and do not pick on Hazzard (which is what I think I am calling M. Beekeper 'round these parts) about work.

The Really Big Picture: Get things in shape to get a baby up in me within 7 years. Look into being more Jewisher than I am

Down in the Mud With the Peasants:
  1. Do not call/email about help on dumb things I can do myself (daily)
  2. Do not borrow money except for discreet, pre-identified expenses, eg, tooth fillings (daily, I guess. This isn't really a problem I have, more of a reminder. )
  3. Call das brutterstein once a week and stay on phone 15 min even if he is not saying anything which is likely. (1x/week - Fridays?)
  4. Do not bug H. about work stuff (daily)
  5. BUT have once weekly family meeting to allay my concerns (1x/week)
  6. Do dishes OR cook 5x/week (5x/week)
  7. Walk dog 5x/week (5x/week)

Second Category: Jobbsers!

The Big Picture: Actually put some effort into my pay-the bills job even though it is stupid crazy easy. Finish manuscript. Get to know folks at Professional School For Professionals. Be productive. Don't be unproductive.

The Really Big Picture: Be Nancy Pelosi.

The Wheel to Which I Am Putting My Shoulder:
  1. 90 minutes/day 5 days/week on my pay-the-bills job (my job is honestly so easy that this will be a stretch) (5x/week)
  2. Write 1000 words/day 5 days/week (5x/week)
  3. Plan next day's writing 5 days/week (5x/week)
  4. Don't be on internet for more than 1 hr/day (daily)
  5. Only watch pre-deteermined tv for a max of 2hrs/day (daily)
  6. Write 3 Prof. school emails/week

Third Category: Save The Whales!

The Big Picture: Live in a way that is increasingly consistent with my beliefs. Have some idea of how to articulate my beliefs, "I love Mexicans!" does not count.

The Super Big Picture: Total Transcendence.

The Protestant Work Ethic:
  1. Phase out incandescant light bulbs, 1/week (1x week. This is really hard for me. I am going to need to put yellow gels on all my energy-save lamps or something.)
  2. Don't drink milk out of carton (daily. This lets me buy the more expensive organic milk, since it does not disappear as fast.)
  3. Volunteer (schedule deferred until Thurs, when I have a meeting re. this.)
  4. Get Green Energy Info (deferred until I know whether I am moving or not)
  5. Write 1 letter to a publication 1x a week. (weekly. I am really really good at getting letters to the NY Times published, let's see if this carries over.)
  6. Read newspaper. (daily)

Fourth Category: Strong Teeth And Bones

The Pig Bicture: Control Athsma. Be Hottt.

The Really Pig Bicture: Be Really Hottt. Some day, far off, eat less cheese.

Hottt Was Not Built in a Day:
  1. Yoga class (3x/week)
  2. Practice at home 20 min a night (daily)
  3. Dessert only twice a week (I guess I will define that as no desert 5x/week)
  4. Meat only twice a week (ditto - 5x/week)
  5. No cigarettes EVER (daily)
  6. When drinking, 1 drink per 75 min, maximum 4. (daily, I guess? It's not really an issue daily. Also, I realize that may sound a bit stringent for a hip young person - or not? - but I am literally the pukiest drinker EVAH. So less = better).
  7. Find some cardio ish thing to do (deferred)

Fourth Category number 2: Monies

Blah Blah: Pay off Credit Cards. Save 10,000

Blah Blah Blah: Don't be poor.

How We Do:

  1. Save $75/week (weekly)
  2. Pay $75 to credit cards/week (weekly)
  3. Don't buy any clothes/shoes/makeup for one month (uh? check in weekly?)
  4. Only one iTunes album every 2 weeks. (bi-weekly or biweekly?)

Now, I figure if I am hitting at least 75% of each category and at least 85% overall at the end of a month, I can get a reward. But what? I was thinking I would go get a massage, but then that costs money and then, then I would be like, well, actually it would be bad to meet my goals because then it would cost me! So I should just go watch My Super Sweet 16! The perils of being a nutbar.

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