Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lucky Thirteen

  1. "Friends of Mine" - The Zombies. Appropriate for the Easter. It should be kept in mind that despite what the song says sometimes (sometimes) it's annoying or depressing "to know two people so in love." On the other hand, it's only polite to act like this song is correct.
  2. "You're Leaving" - Emmylou Harris. Certain things bother me sometimes, make me worry about myself, like: is it reasonable for me to bristle at this lady popping up on records by Bright Eyes and Ryan Adams or am I just a curmudgeon dick and would I have said the same thing about Gram Parsons or Neil Young records like a million years ago or whenever it was?
  3. "Sin City" - Mekons. And here's a Gram Parsons cover. Fuck you, psychic ipod!
  4. "Surrounded By The Stars" - Amon Düül II This is kind of more like what I've been listening to a lot lately. Which brings me to another thing i worry about: I keep hearing new bands or whatever and I think this sounds like Amon Düül II. Is that because I've been listening to too much Amon Düül? Well, obviously yes on some level. It's just like the review (I don't remember where! oh the pain of blogging!) of that Vietnam record that kept comparing it to the Velvet Underground. But maybe I'm ok after all; I don't think the Vietnam record sounds at all like Amon Düül II. It sounds exactly like the Black Crowes. Duh.
  5. "Young Ned Of The Hill" - The Pogues. Shane McGowan: still alive.
  6. "Earth A Raging Blaze" - Craft.
  7. "Never Work" - Mekons. These guys again? Whatever, this is basically like that Rundgren jam, but less relentless.
  8. "Transdermal Celebration" - Ween. Is this a Foo Fighters rip? If so, that's hilarious. This rules. Hail Boognish. etc., etc.
  9. random Deep Purple studio chatter. This doesn't sound like "studio chat", just random circus noodling. What gives? PLAY FLIGHT OF THE RAT!
  10. "Big Money" - Big Black.
  11. "Bottled Violence" - Minor Threat. Straight edge is just fear of growing up. Fucking Peter Pan syndrome fuckers. Please don't kick my ass, straight edge kids.
  12. "Tudy Fruity Judy" - T La Rock. Still on the fence about old-school rap. gonna stay here a while.
  13. "Legless Love" - Devendra Banhart. Now I'm embarrassed. fuck FUCK!

that could have gone better. we'll get them next time, tiger.


Violet G. Beekeeper said...

This place SUCKS. It's full of HIPSTERS.

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