Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fuck fuck burn death fuck

My STUPID. COMPUTER. DIED. And not like, oh, lalala, your "logic board" has "run out of logic" and it can be fixed - my hard drive was corrupted and had to be ERASED and BURNED on a PYRE. And the fucking Mac store can EAT ME. Do you know why?

The first thing they ask you when you get there are "are you backed up?" No, no, because here is the timeline of my computer's recent shit it did.

January 2007 - WTF, omg, hard drive dead, bring to TekServe (cute boys!) and get it replaced, restore my data from my clever backup system! Hey, look at me be responsible!

April 2007 - Get logic board replaced. Logic board = motherboard. Have not done full backup since January because, I mean, what, why would my computer melt down twice in a couple months, didn't get around to it, etc. etc. Tell them to try and back up data if they need to fuck around with the hard drive but they don't!

Now - Hard drive! Corrupted! Have to replace new, bigger hard drive with Paleozoic 30 gig harddrive like the computer originally came with and blast everything in to space. Just replace it with a pile of twigs you guys! Don't worry about getting me my computer back, just make me a new one out of papier-mache! Same thing!

Anyway, of course they got all snitty and were like "you should really have a backup plan," which I do! I do! I just did not implement it vigourously.

I am just getting a new computer. I almost did not get another Mac because recent experiences have made me want to kick Macs, and also because I resent being marketed to. But then I did, because I don't resent being marketed to so much that I am impervious to it.

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