Friday, July 13, 2007

explode die burn crash explode stab

A thing which i have inherited from my father is the combination of curmudgeonliness and the thirst for justice which makes a zealous filer-of-complaints. Lots of I Am Shocked! Just Shocked! That Company X Which I Thought To Be Reputable! Would Permit An Oversight Like This! (I am very nice to the actual reps, and tell managers about good service. Thirst for justice, y'all.)

Anyway, it actually usually works out pretty well, after an insane amount of bitching. I got 30 dollar Amazon gift certificate this way, among other things. And even when no free stuff is coming, I usually eventually get a satisfying apology from a human once I have cleared their weird passive-agressive-apology hurdle. "We are sorry that your experience of Company X was negative." Oh ho ho, me and my experiences are not the problem here.

Anyway, FedEx may break me. I have been emailing back and forth with what I am pretty sure is an automatic-response generator which keeps on spitting platitudes about the importance of customer service and bringing up points about my shipment that have nothing to do with the problem, as if they are supposed to explain the problem to me. IE, "You understand that you ordered a computer? And also that it will come in a box? So maybe that's why we're unable to correct your address."


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