Monday, September 17, 2007

oh grumbledy old lady grumbling more

Ok. Ok. Admit! <a href=" ">I spend. Less time. With my friends. Than I did when. I was not married.</a>  Even if you are the most friend-seeing person in the whole world, this will happen because um, there is a certain amount of time you have?  to spend? on anything? and so when you are spending time on married stuff...? I guess you could spend time with your marriageperson and your friends together a lot, but then you do not have refuge from anything, and plus what if he is a grump and you are the only person he likes in the universe?

Anyway, though, I am probably the classic got-in-serious-relationship-checked-out-of-social-liffesors case. I mean, the people I no longer see, I count in the thousands.  Like around the third or fourth thousand.  AND THIS IS BECAUSE WHAT A LOT MY FRIENDS LIKED TO DO WAS ONLY GO AND MAKE OUT WITH PEOPLE.  And as much fun as it is to sit around and watch people decide who to make out with, I mean, a) it is called "wingman" and not "main interesting role" for a reason, yes? and b) as pure as me and my intentions are, it is not like, an A+ for the dynamic of a marriage which prioritizes the sessual fidelity for one partner to be existing in large part in a big cashze -sex soup. 

So basically, if I had not had so many sexy friends, I would not have been out there in the same way and probs would not have met and married Haz(z)ard, but then once I did, I could not be useful to my sexy friends or have a lot of fun stuff to do with them.

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box of parts said...

ah thats you want to get dinner soon... wedding guilt!

don't worry i'm not sexy, and nobody is going to make out with me. we shall dine soon.